Web Applications

Web applications that make it happen

When a client comes to us with problems to solve, it is not always a new logo or a new website that is needed. Often, we will build business-critical, web-facing applications, or we will stitch business systems together that drive efficiency and make business or non-profits more agile.

Software and application development can be a complicated beast. Different technologies often need to be married together and work seamlessly across an increasing number of different devices. The interface must be slick and effortless for the user.

At RedFlamingo Studio, we have an agile approach to delivering web apps. We do the heavy lifting from the start, helping define the requirements and build the specification. Through a series of Sprints, we will work closely with you to deliver a minimum viable product (MVP) that allows you, and potentially some of your target audience, to test the basic application or the business idea before engaging in full design and development phase.

Once launched, a progressive enhancement approach to development will not only keep the application well maintained but will also keep it relevant and aligned with the business requirements and objectives. RedFlamingo Studio's development are always on hand to help push your web application forward as your business grows.

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This includes:

We use modern technologies to make sure your web application is up to date with current security procedures. Our development team are constantly involved in research to make sure any security changes in the development world, are added to your web application when needed.
UI/UX Design
RedFlamingo Studio's design team will be working closely on any web application project you have to make sure your users can navigate your application quickly and effectively.
Payment Solutions
If you need to take payments, our development team can help to implement nearly any payment gateway solution on the marketing today. We have previously worked with payment gateways such as Stripe, Klarna, GoCardless, PayZone and PayPal.
Post Launch Support
Like any digital element these days, nothing is static! The digital world is forever changing and here at RedFlamingo Studio we understand this, which is why we don't offer a 'drop and go' approach. We want to continually work with you to provide enchancements and support to your web application.

We are a team of talented UX designers, project managers and developers that work together to deliver custom web applications for a variety of purposes. Our experts will advise you on your digital transformation journey, giving you a clear road map based on your business goals and how our skills and experience with technology can enable your business to enter the new digital age.