Logo Design

Good things come to those with a winning logo

A logo is the jewel in your crown. The showpiece of your brand. It's got an important job to do - buttering up would-be customers and commanding their loyalty. How exactly? A great logo will speak volumes about your business and brand. At a glance, it tells a rich and inviting story - one that shows exactly what you stand for. So where is the best place to start?

We know that logo design is very different from any other design discipline. It goes way beyond fancy fonts or bright colours. In fact, it requires acute business understanding, an inquisitive mind and the ability to translate a marketplace. That’s why our experienced team specialise in logo design specifically. They're tasked with setting the tone for your entire brand, so it's vital they base every decision on your business, and your business alone. Your logo needs to be versatile. Timeless. And unforgettable. Our designers know how to deliver the goods.

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This includes:

Market Research
It all begins with you. A top-notch logo doesn't just appear. RedFlamingo Studio starts with a thorough fact-finding mission - a relentless quest to get to the root of your business and what makes it so special. Who are you and why are you so unique? What resonates with your audience? What will draw them in and hold their attention? Redflamingo Studio stops at nothing to discover every last detail that makes you, you. Then, and only then, can we create a logo that will bring genuine value to your brand.
Multiple Options
Logo design is led by creative skill and hard facts. However, there's a unique quality about a winning logo - it must appeal to both heart and mind. No matter how comprehensive the brief, you'll always have a special connection with one logo above all others - a gut-feeling that it just 'fits' with your business. That's why RedFlamingo Studio starts the design process with multiple logo options. You need to absolutely love your logo.
Logo Versions
Once a logo has been chosen, our team of designs will go through and fine tune everything before finally providing you with all versions of the logo. This includes full colour, monochrome and high & low-res

A good logo design is a powerful visual shortcut. A logo is a small, but potent, piece of commercial real estate. Logo design agencies like RedFlamingo Studio are able to arrange letters, words, graphics and typefaces in a way that symbolises the essence of an organisation. Adding colour and texture to the brand vocabulary in a way that says 'talk to me, I'm friendly' or 'dig deep, if you want to go steady'. Like a hallmark, Logo design alludes to the quality of a company's products, goods and services. Distinguishing it from inferior commercial rivals. The best logo designs act as a self-sustaining vehicle for PR. Logo design has a long and distinguished history. Let's be part of that history, together.