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RedFlamingo Studio is a bespoke branding agency, providing a variety of logo design services and other branding services, designed to help your business set itself aside from your competition by helping to increase awareness and exposure.

Branding is an essential element in terms of presenting a professional image to the outside world and to helping establish credibility and trust. When a strong brand is established, people remember an organisation and the attributes that set it apart from the competition. Crucially, it is something which should extend way beyond your physical logo - its values and personality being seen and experienced in every touch point of your business.

However, just like the products and services you sell, the markets in which you operate and the buying habits of your customers, your brand needs to evolve in order to remain relevant and meaningful. This is where RedFlamingo Studio's brand team comes in.

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This includes:

Logo Design
Designing a logo is a highly creative and involved process made up of a number of key elements and design stages. It is a process which requires a thorough understanding of the client, combined with a detailed design brief and an experienced design team in order to create a logo and wider brand identity that will not only reflect the essence of the organisation it represents, but also emotionally connect with its target audience. Our design team have a combined 18 years experience in logo design so you know you're in safe hands.
Brand Guidelines
Brand guidelines are vital for keeping the deployment of a brand both consistent and professional - providing a set of rules that help ensure your brand appears and is used in the way that it was intended. In turn, they help ensure your brand is displayed in a consistent way both internally and by third parties. From the exact colour palette employed in the logo, to the font used in your strapline or the tone-of-voice applied in external communications, brand guidelines are an essential document in the management of one of your businesses most valuable assets.
Brand Strategy
A brand strategy is a long-term plan for the development of a successful brand in order to achieve specific business objectives. A brand strategy therefore isn’t just a visual exercise, but the development and delivery of a consistent brand experience for employees, customers, suppliers and partners throughout every touchpoint of your organisation.

Over the years we've developed an industry-proven reputation as problem solvers and innovators when it comes to combining creativity, technology and strategy to create highly engaging brands, stunning design and effective marketing strategies that deliver tangible business benefit and competitor advantage.